Cover Reveal: Tatter and Shine

It’s almost the end of the month, which means it’s almost time for another new release.

This month’s feature is Tatter and Shine, the story of a sorcerer who’s sold his soul and the new apprentice who’s out to make his life hell.

Tatter and Shine hits the shelves on April 30th, and it’s  available for pre-order now at Amazon and your favorite online booksellers.

TATTER - final

Crusader Non Grata

2016-319-3d-render-book-transparent-background-book-7It’s the beginning of the end, and the story of the Urban Dragon is starting to draw to a close. That’s right: Crusader Non Grata marks the last arc of the series.

When we last saw our heroes, Arkay finally accepted her place as leader of the Hoarde, with all the restrictions and responsibilities that entails. But while she’s busy trying to do right by the monsters who depend on her, other people are getting left behind.

Still reeling from the trauma and manipulations he faced at the hands of the Contessa, Meph has decided that all dragons need to go, and he intends to start with Arkay and her followers. His old cohorts are happy to use him as a wild card– and then dispose of him the moment he fills his purpose.

There’s only one person left on Meph’s side, and that’s Arkay. But her new position is a balancing act of public relations and politics, and reaching out to him might just bring the whole thing crashing down.

Crusader Non Grata is available now on Amazon and your favorite online booksellers.

Now Available: Forest of the Damned

2016-318-3d-render-book-transparent-background-book-5It’s time for the next chapter of Urban Dragon: Forest of the Damned.

When we last left Arkay, she teamed up with the ex-monster hunter Mephistopheles to rescue Rosario from the clutches of the Order. But Rosario isn’t out of danger yet. When modern medicine fails her, Arkay makes a dangerous gamble.

There’s a monster known for bringing people back from the brink of death: the mysterious ThreeClaw. Arkay’s not afraid of a fight, monstrous or otherwise. But there’s one problem: first she’ll have to cross the Forest of the Damned.

You can find Forest of the Damned at Amazon or at these fine online retailers.

News: Book 5 Preorder

Due to a technical flub* on my part, Forest of the Damned will not be available for preorder on

(*That technical flub being that I accidentally released right at the beginning of August while I was trying to set things up. Amazon, it seems, does not forgive flubs lightly.)

I’ll be making it available for purchase on Midnight (that is, 12:01) on October 29th on Amazon. Or, if you’d prefer to pre-order and get that out of the way early, you can do so through one of the vendors you’ll find here.


Potnia Theron and Paperbacks


FirPageflex Persona [document: PRS0000032_00032]st up, the first official paperback collection of Urban Dragon is available starting today. You can find it on Amazon, or you can order it through your favorite local bookstore.

Volume 1 contains the first three books in the series: Mark of the Dragon, Shadow and Steel, and Dance with the Devil.

But that’s not all!

We’re also releasing the fourth story in the Urban Dragon series: Potnia Theron.

When we last saw our heroes, things got out of hand. When they were together, Rosario and Arkay have fought demons and won, but everything has changed. Now Rosario’s in the hospital and Arkay has to grapple with demons of a more metaphorical sort– in short, she’s completely lost, and at the worst possible time.2016-318-ebook-jennifer-jw-troemner-book-4

So far, they’ve been able to scrape by because an unseen force has been covering up signs of the supernatural, but that force is done standing idly by while a dragon wreaks havoc on the mundane world.

Potnia Theron is available on Amazon, and for a limited time at your favorite online booksellers.

Improve what works; ditch what doesn’t

For those who don’t know, the Urban Dragon was originally written with the intention of being exclusive to the Kindle Unlimited program (thus the short, serialized format).

According to the tin, KU is supposed to work like Netflix for books: you pay for a subscription and then you’re free to read as many books as you want. Authors aren’t paid by book, but by the number of pages read. The big catch? The book has to be Amazon exclusive.

Once the job of actually publishing fell on me, I thought I’d make it more inclusive by extending my spheres to other digital storefronts, like B&N, Kobo, iTunes, etc. But that hasn’t panned out. To date, around 95% of my sales have been through Amazon, so it no longer makes sense to keep publishing the individual stories through all those channels.

If you’re depending on those channels for your Urban Dragon fix, have no fear: I’ll still be publishing the compilation volumes through iTunes, Kobo, Scribd, et al. You’ll also be able to request the print volumes at your favorite brick-and-mortar bookstore starting October 15th.