Now available: Dance with the Devil

2016-317-3d-render-book-transparent-background-book-3It’s been two weeks, so it’s time to return to Rosario and Arkay in their next adventure: Dance with the Devil.

For the uninitiated, Urban Dragon is a serial that’s being released every two weeks until Christmas. When we last saw our heroes, they went head to head with a demon that had been terrorizing a deaf priest in an abandoned factory near Indianapolis. They were assisted by Adam Smith, a young monster hunter who belongs to the Order of Saint Michael of the Sun.

Adam’s help doesn’t just come in the form of Latin chanting and large-caliber bullets. After their ordeal, he helped Rosario get medical treatment, and the Order has more information about the supernatural than Rosario could ever have hoped for– and some much-needed moral support as well.

But Rosario isn’t the only one making new friends. Arkay’s found a new job at a local strip club, and she loves the attention… until one of her coworkers catches the eye of an up-and-coming drug lord.

Dance with the Devil is available now on Amazon and all your favorite online booksellers.



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