Potnia Theron and Paperbacks


FirPageflex Persona [document: PRS0000032_00032]st up, the first official paperback collection of Urban Dragon is available starting today. You can find it on Amazon, or you can order it through your favorite local bookstore.

Volume 1 contains the first three books in the series: Mark of the Dragon, Shadow and Steel, and Dance with the Devil.

But that’s not all!

We’re also releasing the fourth story in the Urban Dragon series: Potnia Theron.

When we last saw our heroes, things got out of hand. When they were together, Rosario and Arkay have fought demons and won, but everything has changed. Now Rosario’s in the hospital and Arkay has to grapple with demons of a more metaphorical sort– in short, she’s completely lost, and at the worst possible time.2016-318-ebook-jennifer-jw-troemner-book-4

So far, they’ve been able to scrape by because an unseen force has been covering up signs of the supernatural, but that force is done standing idly by while a dragon wreaks havoc on the mundane world.

Potnia Theron is available on Amazon, and for a limited time at your favorite online booksellers.


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