Content Warnings

There’s always been some controversy about content warnings, whether they come in the form of #TW: tags, the annoying little black box in the corner of your screen when you’re watching a TV show, or that stupid R-rating that (should) keep children out of a mature movie.

Some people call content warnings a form of censorship; for my part, I view them like labels on foods at a buffet. As much as I love spicy things, I’d like to know that something’s spicy before I eat it– especially if I just drizzled it all over my ice cream. In the same vein, something dark or disturbing can be really thought-provoking or even cathartic when you’re expecting it, but can completely ruin your day if aren’t.

Oddly enough, books rarely come with warnings. So I’ll be compiling a list of (as much as possible) spoiler-free warnings for each book. I’ll try to get the ones I notice, but if there are any that I missed, I welcome any contributions that my readers might catch.

Here there be spoilers

The Fence

  • Death
  • Body horror


  • Body horror
  • Gore
  • Explosions
  • Aftermath of war
  • Loss of bodily autonomy

Urban Dragon – The entire series is rife with examples of:

  • Blood
  • Body horror
  • Gore
  • Profanity – F-bombs abound, folks
  • Sexuality
  • Graphic Violence
  • Death

Mark of the Dragon

  • Sexual assault

Dance with the Devil

  • Sexual assault
  • Sex work
  • Stalking
  • Mention of drugs

Potnia Theron

  • Major depression


  • Mental and emotional torture

Crusader Non Grata

  • Genocide
  • Lynching




2 thoughts on “Content Warnings

  1. A couple of years ago, I was reading a novel by an author I liked — new series, though, so something I was unfamiliar with. EXPECTED it to be a book I’d like, the same as I’d liked everything else by that author… and then there was the graphic rape scene, extending for SEVERAL chapters (which I only know because I tried to skip ahead and find an end to it so I could read rest of the book, but it just kept going and going). I haven’t been able to trust anything by that author since. If the book had only had some content warning, I could have avoided it and kept reading other things by the same author.


    1. A several-chapter-long rape scene is shocking enough on its own. I’m sorry you had such a bad experience. That must have sucked. By any chance, did you leave a review or anything to let other readers know what was coming?

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