Something old and something new

YLight text cover.jpgou might have seen an old short story of mine floating around the internet. I’ve cleaned it up, made it a little more pretty, and released it on major publishers.

It’s my little way of saying that my hiatus is over. I’ll be releasing several stories over the coming months, so keep your eyes peeled.
This month’s story is The Fence.

You can find it for free on Amazon, Smashwords, and your favorite online booksellers.


Blog hop and more

‘Tis the time of penultimates.

Today marks the second-to-last stop on our several-month blog tour. So come check out my interview at Lisa Haselton’s Reviews and Interviews for a bit of fun and a chance to win.

2016-319-3d-render-book-transparent-background-book-8Saturday also marked the release of Remnants and Revenants, the second-to-last book of the Urban Dragon series. I hope you’ve been feeling nostalgic, because we’re going to see some old faces again– along with some old monsters.

That’s right, there’s only one book left. But if you’d like to get a sneak peak at it, the Volume 3 compilation will be available on Saturday, just in time for Christmas. It’ll include the last three books of the series, along with a deleted chapter to shed a little light on the past.


Next stop on the blog hop: Long and Short Reviews

I’ve been a bit absent lately, but it’s Wednesday, so how better to jump back into the swing of things than with a blog hop?

This week I’m being hosted by Long and Short Reviews, where I was asked to talk about what scares me as a writer. It’s one hell of a question, and I’m hoping I gave one hell of an answer. Come take a look and find out.

Blog hop: Talking about homelessness at Kissing Bandits

It’s Wednesday, and you know what that means: it’s time for this week’s stop of our blog hop. This week, I was invited to come on Kissing Bandits and talk about one of the issues that I researched when I was writing my series, so we’ll be spending this week talking about homelessness in America.

Now Available: Aglaeca

Has it been two weeks since Forest of the Damned? It feels like a lifetime. But here we are, and it’s time for the next chapter in Arkay’s story: Aglaeca.

For th2016-318-3d-render-book-transparent-background-book-6ose who need a refresher:

To save Rosario, Arkay has volunteered herself to be the official defender of the Hoarde, an underground confederacy of nonhumans who live in fear of the Order and its crusaders. Her presence may keep the Hoarde running, but she still pales in comparison to its former leader, the legendary dragon ThreeClaw.

But the Hoarde aren’t the only ones she’s responsible for.

After he deserted the Order, Mephistopheles became Arkay’s closest ally, and he’d be really handy to have around right now– but he’s been missing ever since she took the job. Arkay’s pulling all her resources to finding him, but that may be harder than it seems.

Because Arkay’s not the only one living in the shadow of another dragon.

You can find Aglaeca on Amazon or your favorite online booksellers.


Next stop: an alternative beginning at Book Lover Promo

This blog hop is an especially exciting one for me. Partly because Nikolina at Book Lover Promo has been phenomenal and engaging throughout the blog hop. Partly also because she gave me an opportunity to share an alternate beginning to Shadow and Steel. As much as I enjoyed writing this version, I wound up scrapping it to avoid front-loading the story.

Prologue on a Podcast

Exciting news, everybody!

This week Urban Dragon is being featured on the SFF podcast 600 Second Saga. Host Mariah Avix will be performing Like Bad Spraypaint, a prequel short story about the day Arkay and Rosario first met.

You can download it from iTunes, Stitcher, Libsyn, or on the 600 Second Saga website.

Or you can check it out here: