Introducing Shadow and Steel

The time has come for the second book in the Urban Dragon series: Shadow and Steel

A refresher for the newbies: Urban Dragon is being released as a serial, with a new book coming out every two weeks. Last time we debuted with Mark of 2016-317 3d render book transparent background, Book 2the Dragon, where Rosario and Arkay ran for their lives to escape a deranged necromancer and his army of the undead, and barely escaped Indianapolis with their lives.

But the ones they left behind weren’t so lucky. There’s a new supernatural creature stalking the streets, and police won’t listen to reports of malevolent shadows preying on the homeless.

Luckily, the mayor of the Valley homeless camp knows someone who can help. And this time, she has his blessing to go kick some ass.

Shadow and Steel is available now on Amazon and all your favorite online booksellers.



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