November 9, 2016


I spent today looking around at the beautiful city I live in and wondering how things got this way.

I look around at the amazing and diverse people who make this city what it is, and my heart breaks for them. How many of their rights are at risk? Their safety? Their lives? And I truly don’t know anymore. Because right now, we’re all going into the unknown.

For the next four years, we will fear the worst and hope for the best, but a lot of things will be beyond our control.

But here’s one thing you can control:

Take care of yourselves, and to take care of each other. The future is uncertain, so make sure the ones you love know that you’re someone they can trust to have their back– and surround yourself with people you know will have yours.

Whatever comes our way, we can handle it, so long as we don’t lose that.


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