What’s kept me busy these past few weeks…

You may have noticed that I’ve dropped off the face of the earth since the end of my July blogging challenge.

I’ve been tremendously busy lately, and this little guy is most of the reason behind it. We brought him home on August 4, and he’s a real handful!



A can of tomato seeds

Beautiful Red Tomatoes are Healthy
Beautiful Red Tomatoes (Photo credit: epSos.de)

The other day I was writing up a blogpost and at a loss for words. In comes my husband, and I immediately proceeded to pick his brain:

Me: “Boxy, what’s a good phrase for when you go out into the world, and it’s not what you expected– not entirely in a bad way, but it blindsided you. Any ideas?”

Boxy: “It’s like opening a can of tomatoes and finding only seeds.”

Remind me, which of us is supposed to be the wordsmith?

A can of tomato seeds isn’t going to help you if you’re setting out to make chili– but given time, patience, sunlight and water, those seeds will give you tomatoes for an entire season, and then some.

Sometimes disappointments can drive you crazy, but with that same time, patience and perspective, you can use them to help take you even further than you imagined.