Pardon the mess…

(My website and social media pages are still under construction while I get my act together. In the meantime, enjoy some photos)


Don’t worry, this isn’t my house.

It was a doctor’s office once upon a time, then an auto shop, then an unofficial dumping ground for the local area. The spot of light on the right is the scar left over from when a car skidded on the ice, went through the wall, and wound up in the building’s basement.
Yes, it has a basement. It’s that massive thing that is even now being excavated so the building can be cleaned up, renovated, and given new life.



Buildings like these are a testament to the whims of time. Prosperous places can fall into ruin– but with enough hard work and determination, they can become new sources of pride and prosperity in their communities. And that’s something that should be celebrated.


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