Moving to a new host

For the last few years, I’ve been having some trouble with Blogger, which used to host my blog. For the most part it’s been standard stuff– foibles that arose when I tried to change the layout, awkward deviations from the old WYSIWYG format, etc– and I’d been assuming that it had more to do with my own unfamiliarity with coding and web design.

In the past week, however, Blogspot had a bug which prevented me from posting at all, or editing the posts that I had already made. My investigations turned up that  Blogspot’s bug reporting and troubleshooting features weren’t up to the task of reporting the issue, and that not a lot of people had my problem… which meant it was low on the to-do list of issues that needed to be fixed.

Upon further investigation, I found people talking about why they’d chosen not to use Blogspot for their professional blogs. Their logic made sense to me, and their testimonials sounded pretty strong. So I’m relocating to the host they recommended.

My old posts will still be there, and I’ll link to them when relevant, but my new posts will all be here.

In the meantime, please excuse the mess while I get acquainted with the new software.


6 thoughts on “Moving to a new host

  1. Looks good. I just found Blogger more user friendly, and figured if it was what Bransford and other used, it couldn’t be bad. I haven’t had problems with it, and I did with WP, so go figure. 🙂


  2. Welcome to WordPress, Luv. 🙂

    Although it’s not perfect, and somethings take a small learning curve, I think you’ll find less hoops to jump through. (I’d use mine more, but work is demanding way too much of my limited mental abilities. LOL!)


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