Editing Services

Due to demand, I’m opening up my services as a freelance editor along with  Michelle Hauck, author of Kindar’s Cure.

Together we have thousands of pages of proofreading and copy-editing experience, and have left our fingerprints on a few published works.

Our services cover character arc and characterization, plot and the holes they tend to develop, as well as spelling and grammar, formatting, awkward phrasing, and the small-scale issues that need to be conquered to make your writing flow smoothly– all for 1 cent per word.

Manuscripts can be divided into smaller sections, to be edited and paid for over a longer period of time. This allows you to split up payments across a longer period, as well as giving you the opportunity to make corrections on one section while we look over the next. We do request that each section’s payment be made up-front.

black parade“I was incredibly pleased and impressed with Jen’s service. She was prompt, courteous, and nothing short of brilliant when it came to catching my mistakes. She does more than just a superficial scan of a manuscript. She digs deep and finds inconsistencies, repetitive phrases, and so much more. She also gives reactions to plotpoints, dialogue, and character growth, which is invaluable. I’d recommend her any day.” –Kyoko M, author of The Black Parade

fda4a8b5ec34ad87515ecb08f0693ac47a1ba80e“After my initial inquiry into Jennifer’s editing services, I was given the opportunity to work with her co-editor, Michelle. I must say it was a wonderful experience and great pleasure working with Michelle. With her eagle-sharp editorial eye, she picked up on grammatical inconsistencies and habitual writing flaws, and while implementing her suggestions and fixes, she made sure to maintain the integrity of my style. Not only did she highlight the necessary changes, but she gave explanations as to what was wrong, and how I can learn to pick up on those errors and avoid making them in the future. Michelle is a fantastic editor, efficient, helpful and courteous. She has taught me a lot about filtering, tags and beats, keeping sentences active, avoiding certain crutch words, and reining in on the adjectives. My writing is stronger, and my sentences better structured thanks to her efforts. Thank you Michelle. Your service is highly recommended!” N.R. Eccles-Smith, author of Dragon Calling



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