Crusader Non Grata

2016-319-3d-render-book-transparent-background-book-7It’s the beginning of the end, and the story of the Urban Dragon is starting to draw to a close. That’s right: Crusader Non Grata marks the last arc of the series.

When we last saw our heroes, Arkay finally accepted her place as leader of the Hoarde, with all the restrictions and responsibilities that entails. But while she’s busy trying to do right by the monsters who depend on her, other people are getting left behind.

Still reeling from the trauma and manipulations he faced at the hands of the Contessa, Meph has decided that all dragons need to go, and he intends to start with Arkay and her followers. His old cohorts are happy to use him as a wild card– and then dispose of him the moment he fills his purpose.

There’s only one person left on Meph’s side, and that’s Arkay. But her new position is a balancing act of public relations and politics, and reaching out to him might just bring the whole thing crashing down.

Crusader Non Grata is available now on Amazon and your favorite online booksellers.


Next stop on the blog hop: Long and Short Reviews

I’ve been a bit absent lately, but it’s Wednesday, so how better to jump back into the swing of things than with a blog hop?

This week I’m being hosted by Long and Short Reviews, where I was asked to talk about what scares me as a writer. It’s one hell of a question, and I’m hoping I gave one hell of an answer. Come take a look and find out.

Blog hop: Talking about homelessness at Kissing Bandits

It’s Wednesday, and you know what that means: it’s time for this week’s stop of our blog hop. This week, I was invited to come on Kissing Bandits and talk about one of the issues that I researched when I was writing my series, so we’ll be spending this week talking about homelessness in America.

Now Available: Aglaeca

Has it been two weeks since Forest of the Damned? It feels like a lifetime. But here we are, and it’s time for the next chapter in Arkay’s story: Aglaeca.

For th2016-318-3d-render-book-transparent-background-book-6ose who need a refresher:

To save Rosario, Arkay has volunteered herself to be the official defender of the Hoarde, an underground confederacy of nonhumans who live in fear of the Order and its crusaders. Her presence may keep the Hoarde running, but she still pales in comparison to its former leader, the legendary dragon ThreeClaw.

But the Hoarde aren’t the only ones she’s responsible for.

After he deserted the Order, Mephistopheles became Arkay’s closest ally, and he’d be really handy to have around right now– but he’s been missing ever since she took the job. Arkay’s pulling all her resources to finding him, but that may be harder than it seems.

Because Arkay’s not the only one living in the shadow of another dragon.

You can find Aglaeca on Amazon or your favorite online booksellers.


November 9, 2016


I spent today looking around at the beautiful city I live in and wondering how things got this way.

I look around at the amazing and diverse people who make this city what it is, and my heart breaks for them. How many of their rights are at risk? Their safety? Their lives? And I truly don’t know anymore. Because right now, we’re all going into the unknown.

For the next four years, we will fear the worst and hope for the best, but a lot of things will be beyond our control.

But here’s one thing you can control:

Take care of yourselves, and to take care of each other. The future is uncertain, so make sure the ones you love know that you’re someone they can trust to have their back– and surround yourself with people you know will have yours.

Whatever comes our way, we can handle it, so long as we don’t lose that.

Podcast Rec: The Penumbra

No matter who you are, if you’re living in the USA (or in any of the many many countries that’s going to be heavily affected by the USA’s policies), this election cycle has been a long and very trying one, but it’s almost over.

Whether you did your voting early, you’re standing in line, or you can’t vote and are forced to watch from the sidelines, we’re all in for a lot of really stressful waiting until the votes are all in, tallied, and posted.

So here’s something to help lessen the stress.

If you’re a fan of the Urban Dragon series, you’re going to love The Penumbra Podcast. It’s gonna have all the same things you loved from the series:

  • Canonically, actively LGBT protagonists who are as angsty as they are awesome
  • Confident rogues who will charm the pants off you (and the head off your shoulders)
  • The darkest back alleys of a city so impressive it might as well be its own character
  • Strippers (because who doesn’t love strippers?)
  • Exciting genre stories that dabble in gore without getting torture-porn-y
  • And just plain wonderful characters and settings and writing.

In short, I had a lot of fun with it. And at the moment, dreams of queer noir in a far-future Mars is giving me hope that the world won’t end tonight.


Blog hop double stop: Top Ten and a Review

It’s time for another stop on our blog hop, but this is a particularly special one for me.

The first stop is a fun one: A breakdown of my top ten favorite authors on Laurie’s Paranormal Thoughts and Reviews, which was great for really getting me thinking about the books I read and why.  I’d love to see how your favorites match up with mine.

The second is Brooke Banks’ review of Mark of the Dragon, and she tackles the story from a perspective you might not have seen elsewhere. I highly encourage you to check it out.

Invisible monsters

People are afraid of mental illness. They see the mentally ill in every deranged killer on the screen, every act of violence on the news they can’t explain, every action whose logic is not immediately apparent. When we make no effort to understand mental illness, all people who are mentally ill are unknowns. And we fear the unknown.

Stigmatization of mental illness and the people who have it has led to sufferers being ostracized, demonized, attacked and even killed– and consequently, those who do suffer from mental illness are often reluctant to acknowledge it or seek the help they need for fear of the consequences.

And yes, mental illness is scary. It doesn’t turn you into a monster– more often, it’s like a monster living inside your own head. It’s like a vampire that looks normal to everybody else, except you’ve noticed that it doesn’t have a reflection, and you try to keep it out but it’s too late—without even thinking, you’ve already invited it in. Continue reading “Invisible monsters”

Now Available: Forest of the Damned

2016-318-3d-render-book-transparent-background-book-5It’s time for the next chapter of Urban Dragon: Forest of the Damned.

When we last left Arkay, she teamed up with the ex-monster hunter Mephistopheles to rescue Rosario from the clutches of the Order. But Rosario isn’t out of danger yet. When modern medicine fails her, Arkay makes a dangerous gamble.

There’s a monster known for bringing people back from the brink of death: the mysterious ThreeClaw. Arkay’s not afraid of a fight, monstrous or otherwise. But there’s one problem: first she’ll have to cross the Forest of the Damned.

You can find Forest of the Damned at Amazon or at these fine online retailers.

Multimedia blog hop stop: BooksChatter

It’s Wednesday, and you know what that means: another stop on the blog tour.

This week’s was one of my favorites to do. The questions were a lot of fun to answer, and I got the chance to share pictures and part of my writing playlist.

So if you head over to BooksChatter, you’ll have the chance to meet my oversized lap dogs, see the fanart that inspired Arkay’s armchair, and enjoy (or laugh at, I won’t hold it against you) my taste in music.